Dr. Darder has been an established poet for many years. Below is a small sample of her work.

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You Say You’ve Got a Program?

You say you’ve got a program?
a program to cure all our ills,
a program to stop the violence,
a program to end the drugs,
a program for all abuse,
child beating,
people raping,
and mind fucking?

You say you've got a program?
specially tailored,
custom made
to end all the woes
of our neighborhoods,
put away the criminals,
lock up all the kooks,
reform the juveniles,
and assimilate all those poor
disadvantaged unfortunates.

And I say get lost fool 'cause
I've seen your program
a million times before and
it’s nothing but a smoky screen
to hide the blood thirsty
money hungry bastards who
have to masturbate their conscience
for a while so they can go on
believing that god and their
hard work made them rich
and not their disgraceful
and immoral ways.

You say you've got a program
and I say give our people
food to feed our children,
a decent home with no
cockroaches dancing in the aisles,
and a little health and fortitude
to run our own lives,
instead of all your programs
we've been hearing about for
20 years, every time some big
time social scientist gets some
big idea in the laboratory
to cure the ills of the world.

You say you've got a program,
well please don't give me
no more of your artificially
processed, date expired,
disgusting excuse for a cheese1,
'cause cheese won't buy those
fancy drugs to cure all
the physical woes that pain
my weary fading body and
cheese sure don't give me
no kind of self-respect.

You say you've got a program?
and I say, no thank you fool,
'cause I've got a program
that will cure our woes,
it’s called liberation,
and when the people find out,
you better watch out.

(1)During the early 1980’s, the federal government’s response to the increasing poverty and hunger in the country was to conduct a nation-wide distribution of date-expired, processed cheese and butter in low-income communities.