Curriculum Design and Organizational Development

Dr. Darder provides individual and group consultation to academic institutions on curriculum design and faculty development, and to community organizations on program design and staff development. Services are available for both academic programs and departments, as well as community leadership, staff, and members.

Services can be provided to address key issues such as:
  • Educational inequality
  • Social Justice
  • Ethics
  • Moral questions of pedagogy
  • Leadership
Available services include:
  • Assessment of requirements
  • Sequencing of classes/programs
  • Evaluation of faculty/staff needs
  • Program review & consultation

Honorarium, travel, and accommodations

To request Dr. Darder for academic or community consultation please use the Contact page.

Design and development support services have been provided to a vareity of academic and community organizations, over the last 30 years. Some of these include those listed below.

Academic Community
Alameda County Office of Education
Service: Professional Development: Critical Pedagogy
Location: Hayward, CA

Antioch University
Service: Faculty Development: Biculturalism & Education
Location: Culver City, CA

Highlands University
Service: Seminar: Latina Women & Inequality
Location: Las Vegas, NM

Idaho State University
Service: Weekend Writing Seminar for Latinas
Location: Pocatello, ID

Los Angeles County Schools
Service: Professional Development: Bicultural Development
Location: Downey, CA

Montebello School District
Service: Professional Development: Critical Bicultural Pedagogy
Location: Montebello, CA

Occidental College
Service: Faculty Development: Higher Education & Diversity
Location: Los Angeles, CA

Pedro Albizu Campos High School
Service: Faculty Development: Teaching as an Act of Love: Strategies and Practices
Location: Chicago, IL

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All Saint’s Church - AIDS Service Center
Service: Seminar: Issues of Racism & Society
Location: Pasadena, CA

Child Care Resources
Service: Staff Development: Working with Bicultural Parents
Location: Seattle, WA

Center for Linguistic & Cultural Democracy
Service: Communications Seminar: Teaching Bicultural Children
Location: Seattle, WA

Community Asset Development Redefining Education (CADRE)
Service: Staff Development: Leadership & Community
Location: Los Angeles, CA

City of El Monte
Service: Professional Development: Latino Community
Location: El Monte, CA

City of Pasadena
Service: Professional Development: Racism and Social Issues
Location: Pasadena, CA

County of San Bernardino
Service: Professional Development: Community Service
Location: San Bernardino, CA

Immaculate Heart Center
Service: Staff Development: Latina Women & Diversity
Location: Santa Barbara, CA

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To request Dr. Darder for academic or community program support please use the Contact page.