Dr. Darder has been an established poet for many years. Below is a small sample of her work.

Rican-Woman-Madness is Just Another
    Word for Love

The Great Mother Wails

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La Hembra

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Al Amanecer

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Mami Recuerdas

The Great Mother Wails

The Earth extends her arms to us;
Revealing through her nature the
changing condition of our existence.

She bends and twists,
Deflecting the swords of
Our foolishness,
Our arrogance,
Our gluttony,
Our deceit.

Unbridled by red alerts or amber warnings,
Her ire gives rise to monsoon winds,
Jarring us from the stupor of
Our academic impunity;
Our disjointed convolutions,
Our empty promises; our
black and white dreams.

Filled with unruly discontent,
we yearn to dominate her mysteries;
reducing her to microscopic dust,
we spit upon her sacredness,
tempting the fury of her seas.

We spill our unholy wars
upon her belly’s tender flesh,
blazing dislocated corpses,
ignite her agony and grief.

Still, in love with her creations,
she warns of our complacency
to cataclysmic devastation,
rooted in the alienation of
our disconnection
our rejection,
our oppression,
our scorn.
And still, we spin ungodly
tantrums of injustice
against her love,
against ourselves,
against one another.
When will we remove blindfolds
from our eyes?

When will we stretch our arms—to her?
When will the cruelty of our
Hatred cease; teaching us to
abandon the impositions of
patriarchy and greed?

Oh! that we might together renew
Our communion with the earth,
She, the cradle of humanity;
She, the nourishment of our seeds;
She, the beauty of the song within;
She, the wailing that precedes.