Dr. Darder has been an established poet for many years. Below is a small sample of her work.

Rican-Woman-Madness is Just Another
    Word for Love

The Great Mother Wails

Café Contemplation

La Hembra

I Hope She Feels the Love

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Al Amanecer

The Unexpected Reappearance of Don Quixote

Mami Recuerdas

Café Contemplation

In a Newbury street cafe
I drink my hot latte
and deliberately eavesdrop on
the scattered conversations
that compete for a place,
Andean music fills the air
in a most incongruent way,
songs of indigenous people,
beautiful and melodic serve
as white noise for the crowd,
a sacred cultural form relegated
to the unnoticed and ignored,
how chic and hip this place,
they play third world flutes
to the chatter of intellectuals
who compare Rimbaud with Rombauer
and Gauguin with Picasso,
critical analysis of worthy themes,
where shall we go to study abroad
Italy, Spain, or France,
and discussions about last night’s
terrific performance piece with
only a body and a tea cup to
express the sublime of life,
the surrealism is that I sit
among these people in
the ridiculous disguise of an
accommodated indigenous woman,
here everyone sits disconnected
from the homeless man just outside
lying in a stupor on the street,
the U.S. in the middle east
tempting the wrath of Armageddon,
and the 19 year old who sentenced
himself to death by resisting the cops,
I welcome the soulfulness of the
South American guitars that move
passionately to interrupt my thoughts,
now I can only feel the heart of
the indigenous spirit that created
the love which romances the air,
and while others busily chatter away,
I begin to remember who I am and
from where I have come, in Spanish.